Daryl Sealy

With more than 35 years of real estate experience in both residential and commercial real estate, Daryl brings a wealth of market and territorial knowledge to bear for CRA’s clients and customers. His thorough understanding of street-level demographics, psychographics and travel patterns, superimposed atop a retailer’s high-level brand identification and customer profile, provide a total picture of the viability of markets investigated.

Daryl has been a trusted partner in development for such companies as 7-Eleven, Costco, McDonald’s, Auto Zone, Staples, Walgreens, Five Guys, Chick fil-A, Carmax and many others. In addition, Daryl has worked closely with many shopping center developers to identify sites for retail development or redevelopment. Many of these projects resulted in outstanding opportunities for our clients to garner market share and out-position competition without locations ever hitting the open market.

Daryl also supports the team at CRA by acting as the subject matter expert on fair market values and comparable sales analysis within the territories we service. He maintains an ongoing current pulse on activity within the markets to allow the team to quickly prepare FMR and FMV reports for our customers and clients. This helps speed offers to the market and enables our clients to react to opportunities with alacrity.

Being a founding member of CRA, Daryl has contributed immensely to the company’s success and has helped turn CRA into the number one tenant representation firm in our markets. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from SUNY at New Paltz and a Master’s Degree in Regional and City Planning from Howard University.